Otter Cottage playhouse climbing frame

Otter Cottage Playhouse Climbing Frame in Surrey

On a scorching couple of days, we built this Otter Mega Combo Playhouse climbing frame in a large garden in Surrey. The dappled sunlight cast by the shade of an oak tree makes the cedar shingle roof look really stunning. At Design Create Play, we have a lot of clever techniques and design ideas that make our play centres special. One of which is placing the slide at the side of the deck to reduce the space that the slide occupies.  We also created a wooded chip area for this Playcentre. Woodchip is a great surface, it looks bright and clean, is an effective safety surface, and is cost-effective.

This Playhouse Climbing Frame in Surrey like all our wooden garden playcentres can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, all the decks and activities are solid robust structures, and the houses are tall. A little-known fact is that even a tall 6’4 adult can stand upright in our Forest, Damson and Otter Cottages.

We build our Otter Cottage wooden playhouse climbing frames in a wide range of configurations, some designs even include a spiral turbo tube slide. click here to see more about the Otter Cottage range of playhouse climbing frames.

If you’d like to talk about having one of our Wooden Garden playhouses in your garden please get in touch through the website here OR call one of the team on 01404 598 328 we’d be delighted to help.


Surrey Wooden Garden Playhosue

Otter Cottage playhouse climbing frame

Otter Cottage playhouse climbing frame in Surrey