A guide to Otter Cottage Wooden Garden Playhouse climbing frames


A charming and characterful wooden garden playhouse with timeless appeal

The first Otter Cottage dates from nearly 20 years ago. This same classic design has remained a central element of the Design Create Play range since then. We’ve used the Otter Cottage in our playcentres, alongside the Forest and Damson Cottages to create a comprehensive range of playcentres with something for every garden. The Otter Cottage itself is a charming children’s wooden garden playhouse, with a timeless appeal.

The Otter Cottage has many unique features that make it truly special. The inside of our wooden garden playhouses have a luxurious finish, the walls and ceiling are lined with hardwood ply, and the painted throughout so that the finish resembles the plastered and painted walls of a real house. We make the roofs using Cedar Shingles. These lovely shingles are used throughout the world, because of their ability to be able to withstand both hot and cold extremes of temperature, perfect for the variabilities of the British climate. When the building is new the cedar shingles have a reddy brown colour. Over time this will change and age to lovely silvery grey. A characterful feature of the Otter Cottage is the gable over the door.

What isn’t always appreciated about the Otter Cottage is it’s size. A feature of all the play equipment that we make is that they can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Our decks and activities are solid robust structures, and the houses are tall. A little known fact is that even a tall 6’4 adult can stand upright in our Forest, Damson and Otter Cottages.

The Otter Cottage is a design we’ve been working with for nearly 20 years. (the young boy running is now in his mid 20’s!)





Whichever Otter Cottage Playcentre you choose, or if you decide on something else from our extensive ranges of playhouse climbing frames, climbing frames, or children’s wooden playhouses and cottages you can be sure that flair for design, attention to detail in manufacture and care, and attention during installation have been applied throughout every stage of the process.

If you’d like to talk about having one of our Otter Cottage playhouses in your garden please get in touch through the website here OR call one of the team on 01404 598 328 we’d be delighted to help.