Bespoke Playhouse Climbing Frames

Colourful playhouses are back

Colour is definitely back in vogue. According to Sophie Robinson, the well known interior designer, “Dull and drab is no longer acceptable for those wanting to live confidently, creatively and escape the prison of the beige-box-home.” Increasingly we are seeing the colour choices selected by our clients becoming bolder. Using more vibrant and definitely more colourful. This change of direction in peoples design thinking is often linked to movements including Maximalism and Kindercore. With the mantra of ‘more is more’ and the unashamed liberal use of multiple primary colours. With layered and textured finishes this is a very different approach to the minimalistic square, crisp lines, white and varying degrees of grey.

I was reminded of an amazing project we did about 2 years ago. The physical structure was quite something in itself, being on multiple levels, and including a slide and rock wall, as well as monkey bars and a net. But what made this wooden playcentre totally unique was the colour scheme. Not for the first time, the children were asked what colour they would like? And being creative young children they set to work colouring in the drawing that we had given them, and that’s basically what we got. The instruction was clearly, don’t hold back, we want that. And that is exactly what we did. We dug out all the bolder colours of paint we’d used in recent times and made the castle playcentre into one of the most colourful projects we’ve ever built.