Otter Mega Combo Turbo

Kent Garden Playhouse Installation

Wooden Garden Playhouse Kent

MD Martin out with the youngsters taking charge for this Kent Garden Playhouse Installation

We go all over the country installing our garden playcentres and have (before Covid) completed several projects in Europe, but it’s a while since we’ve been to Dover in Kent for a garden playhouse and climbing frame installation. One of the things I really enjoy is working with young members of the team and seeing them learn how to make and build our unique playhouses and climbing frames. I don’t go on as many installations as I used to, so, travelling with Hayden and Patrick to help them with this project in Dover was a real pleasure. In the 5 months since joining us, both have come on a huge way, and both have become capable and competent at what we do. Having them lead the way and telling me what to do was great. It did mean I was assigned to hole digging and carrying wood chip most of the time, but that’s ok. Meanwhile Hayden and Patrick laid out the decks and built the platform and tower, and then assembled the house on the platform.

By the time we’d finished there was a real sense of satisfaction for all of us, a good days work and the end result – this superb Otter Mega Combo Turbo playcentre.


Kent Garden Playhouse


We have 3 ranges of playhouse climbing frames. The Forest, Damson and Otter ranges. The Otter Cottage is the largest of the 3 playhouses. It has 2 windows on the front face. The symmetry of this design adds formality and presence to the overall design. With all our playhouse climbing frames there are an almost endless range of options. In this case the playhouse has a spiral tube slide emerging from the side of the house. Imagine being inside your playhouse, and being able to make a rapid escape to the ground.  Another really popular feature, which we build into all the Mega models for that real treehouse feel is the ladder through through a hatch into the upper house.


Kent Garden Playhouse Installation

This project was finished off with the creation of a woodchip area. This surface makes really sets the playcentre off, and also provides safety surface.


Hayden, Patrick (and Me).

If you’d like to talk about having one of our unique wooden garden playhouses in your garden please get in touch through the website here OR call one of my team on 01404 598 328 we’d be delighted to help.