Buying a Design Create Play playhouse or climbing frame

How to buy a Design Create Play wooden playhouse or climbing frame.

When it comes to building a Design Create Play wooden playhouses and climbing frame there are many ways we can work with you. It’s really a case of what works best for you. We have many years of experience of making extraordinary play structures. We worked out long ago that the most effective approach is to try and sell you what is going to work best for you rather than what we might be trying to sell at any point in time.

Otter Cottage wooden playhouse climbing frame
Otter Cottage wooden playhouse climbing frame

Our website,, is a great place to start. Here you’ll find many examples of playhouses, climbing frames and those combinations of both that we specialise in. Wooden playhouses and climbing frames are a speciality of Design Create Play. There is also information on, and examples of, some of the many wooden playhouses and climbing frames that we’ve made.

The stages we’ll guide you through

1. Get in touch.

Give us call or drop us an email. Later this year we’re planning to open a display are, so you’ll be able to come and see us.

A phone call lets us get some initial details about the sort of wooden playhouse or climbing frame you’d like. If it helps we’ll schedule a longer telephone consultation. The sort of things we’ll ask are:

  • Where do you live? Knowing whereabouts in the country you are helps when scheduling a visit. Knowing whether you’re in a city, a town or the countryside helps build a picture of what may work for you.
  • What sort of garden do you have? We’ll ask about the size and orientation of your garden. Is it level, or does it slope or have other interesting features we can incorporate. If there are trees this can be an opportunity to something exciting which includes a treehouse, linked platforms and different types of bridge elements.
  • Is your garden is small or large? Whatever the size or shape there’s almost certainly something that we can do that will work for you. You’ll be amazed at what we can fit into a really tight space. Our clubhouse range of wooden playhouse climbing frames, for example, includes playhouse, slide, swings, climbing wall, fireman’s pole, scramble net and monkey bars in a space of about 4m x 4m.
Clubhouse Climbing Frame
  • We’ll ask about the ages of your children, and how many you have. Our experience is that it is far better to include the elements that will suit your children at the age they are now. We can return at a later date and add activities and modules to suit their abilities as they get older.
  • We may ask about your budget. This is not so we sell you something at the very top, or beyond, of what you wish to spend. Our range of wooden playhouses and climbing frames starts at less than £3000, yet some of our projects will be considerably more than that. There is little point us talking about £12000 projects with you if you want to spend no more than £5000.
  • What sort of wooden playhouse or climbing frame you are looking for. Some people have a really clear idea of what they want, don’t worry if that’s not you, we’re here to help. Our large range, and the endless possibilities can be daunting. We’ll guide you through the process. It’s really important to us that what we provide is something that you will love.

2. We may propose a visit

Standing in your garden looking at the space a talking through ideas works really well. Because we’ve worked in many gardens, there may well be possibilities you haven’t considered. As well as plenty of photos of our work, we bring a tape measure, blank paper, and some, hopefully, good ideas. Whether its one of our standard products, such as the Forest Mega Combo wooden playhouse climbing frame, or something a bit more tailored, or entirely bespoke we can come up with something for you.

Forest Mega wooden playhouse climbing frame
Forest Mega Combo Playhouse Climbing Frame

3. Quotation and ordering

Usually during a visit we can give you an exact price. If this is not possible we’ll give you an idea of costs. Whether you place an order at that point is up to you. We may example agree to provide you with drawings or more photos, or to come up with some options which we’ll email to you.

Once your happy with everything we ask for a deposit, which secures your order. This is our trigger to start work on your project. Your wooden playhouse or climbing frame will be added to our schedule and we’ll start to order materials and plan manufacture.

4. Installation

According to the schedule. and agreed delivery dates, once manufacture is complete we as for a further payment prior to despatch for installation. We’re happy to provide photos etc of your equipment so everybody knows exactly where things stand. We only use own transport and installation teams. When we arrive we’ll start work on the installation. We like to discuss with you exact placement, but beyond that our teams are pretty self sufficient and will work until the job is done.

5. After we’ve finished

Well, that’s up to you really. It’s time to play and put your wooden playhouse or climbing frame through its paces. We’ll be in touch to find out how it’s all going, we love feedback. Obviously positive feedback is best, but we want to know what you think of what we’ve provided, and how we’ve performed as a company. Please tell us about any thing you think we can improve on or any areas of the process that we should think about doing differently.

Find out more

We’d love you to get in touch with us.

Our facebook page link is , and you also subscribe to our newsletter. If you are considering a playhouse or climbing frame for your garden, or are planning a play area we’d love to hear from you. Our email is and our phone is 01404 598328.