A custom wooden playcentre in Cheshire

An amazing custom wooden playcentre in Cheshire

A custom wooden playcentre in Cheshire
A custom wooden playcentre in Cheshire

This custom wooden playcentre was the result of many months of design and manufacture in our workshop and installation work on site.

Discussions first started for this custom wooden playcentre in mid 2017. I’ve always liked to work in a collaborative way with clients. My experience is that this is the best approach to producing stunning designs that really push the boundaries of what we can do, and give the client something that is always unique and often completely stunning as well. This approach is the same whether we are working on a large custom wooden playcentre project like this one, or whether it is a much smaller design.

Time spent on site

Through the late summer and autumn of 2017 i made several visits to the property. Initially meetings were to look at the site and discuss possible ideas. Subsequent visits were more detailed, working on particulars of the design and surveying the site. The idea of the manor house on the right came from photographs i’d seen of Tudor manor in the Cotswolds.

The castle side of this custom wooden playcentre was similar to a design we’d made the previous year in Worcestershire. Beacause we already had the designs we took the opportunity to develop the ideas further. So, windows and doors developed became arched, and roofs gained beaded trim.

As the project progressed it was clear that achieving a deadline of Christmas was very desirable. Although we hadn’t appreciated this at the outset we committed to a pre-Christmas completion. We pulled out all the stops and worked through some fairly grisly weather to make this happen.

The client was able to decorate Design Create Plays custom wooden playcentre to make a Christmas winter wonderland.

Design Create Play’s 3D designs work wonders

Whether a project is small or large we use our design skills to ensure the client has a good visual representation of the playcentre we’re providing.

As can be seen in the pictures below, being able to provide clear pictures means that you’ll see clearly what it is we’re building.

If you’d like to find out more about what Design Create Play can do for you please get in touch. You can find out more about us and contact us through our website.