Welcome to an amazing playhouse project.

Custom playhouse climbing frame in Worcestershire

Since the start of the year we’ve been working hard on a large custom playcentre in Worcestershire. I had the original idea for this house a few years ago, and it was incorporated into a bespoke wooden playhouse project in Warrington, Cheshire. We’ve taken the original design and refined it and built this stunning garden play area.

Large custom playhouse climbing frame

Large custom playhouse climbing frame


The central playhouse design is based on a tudor manorhouse in the cotswolds. We’ve placed the plahouse on a large raised deck and then added, to the left, a semi enclosed hexagonal tower, and to the rights a simpler square tower. It is from these 2 sides structures that all the play activities come, including slide, climbing wall and of course swings. The whole area is finished off by creating a playgrade woodchip safety surface zone.

Very proud team members, and so they should be. This was a lot of complex work and they did a great job.

The inside of this playhouse is just as detailed as the outside. We ply line the inside of our houses, and then paint the inside walls, ceiling and floor. This house was particularly complex, not least because of the many arched windows.

Although this playcentre is undoubtedly at the more complex and larger end of the scale, most of our wooden playhouse climbing frame projects work in the same way. We’ll talk to the customer and arrange a site visit, we then create the necessary drawings and agree what we’re doing. Once an order has been placed we make as project in oiur workshop and bring it to site to assemble it. Most playcentres are installed within one or 2 days, however something as large and complex as this can take more than a week onsite to build.