Castle Playhouse

Castle Playhouses

Bespoke Wooden Castle Playhouses

Castles, knights and dragons, heroes and heroines, all the stuff of excitement and adventure, a castle playhouse can invoke it all!

Anyone who has explored any of the great castles and old buildings either here or overseas will know the thrill of exploring the interesting and quirky spaces that are a wonderful characteristic of these old structures.

We’ve tried to recreate that sense of age old grandeur and interest in the many castle playcentres that we have designed over the years.

At the heart of everything we do is our desire to combine both activity and creativity within one play space. Children’s ability to build incredibly active games from their free and expansive imaginations is something that, sadly, we frequently lose or forget as we get older. But given the opportunity to develop those skills in our formative years we’re able to channel that ability in later life. Play is such an important part of childhood, and our aim is to design and create play environments where imagination, creativity and energy are able to be developed and expressed with abandon, bringing to life unstructured play with no boundaries.

We created this large playcentre in a garden in Warwickshire. The left portion is a Damson mega combo, and uses one of our popular spiral tube slides. I really like the purple theme of the hex tower on the right and the castellated bridge. This playcentre was designed for a family with a wide range of ages of children, so there are lower slides and toddler swings as well as adventurous climbing frame challenges for older children and young teenagers.

Wooden Castle Playhouse

Large Damson Cottage and Hex castle fantasy playcentre

Over the years we have developed this large wooden castle playhouse design, and here it is the playhouse element of a much larger playcentre. Combing playhouses and climbing frames, and making them into something extraordinary is one of the things we do at Design Create Play.

Sometimes, where there are 2 or more children in the family, we are asked to make a wooden multi playhouse playcentre. This combination of an Otter Cottage and a 2 storey play castle takes pride of place at the top of this very steeply sloped garden in East Sussex.

Wooden Castle Playhouse

Play castle and cottage combination near Tunbridge Wells

Wooden Castle Playhouse

This combination Otter Cottage and castle playcentre makes really good use of its position at the top of a hill in this Kent garden

One of the largest playcentres we’ve built. The castle element on the left is our 2 storey fantasy castle. The playhouse on the right is a quite extraordinary building. The design is actually based on a Tudor manor house in the Cotswolds. There are several levels inside. Quirky, interesting and fun.

Wooden Castle Playhouse

Fantasy castle playcentre

Whichever Wooden Garden Playcentre you choose, or if you decide on something else from our extensive ranges of playhouse climbing frames, climbing frames or children’s wooden playhouses and cottages you can be sure that flair for design, attention to detail in manufacture and care and attention during installation have been applied throughout every stage of the process.

If you’d like to talk about having one of our Wooden Garden playhouse climbing frames in your garden please get in touch through the website here OR call one of the team on 01404 598 328 we’d be delighted to help.