Bespoke Custom Tree House Climbing Frame in Hamstead, London

A great use of a difficult garden space

It was really nice to be invited back to extend a play centre we originally built 5 years ago

Custom Treehouse Climbing Frame

5 years ago we built a large play centre for a customer in Hampstead in North London. The original playcentre, which is still going strong and looking great, incorporated a Damson Cottage playhouse with a large storage space underneath. At the time the children were very young, and so a playhouse and slide was plenty to keep them active and entertained.

But, as children do, they’ve gown up a bit, and the family has grown too, and they are looking for more active and physical play. A big criteria for this project was the slide must be huge. We managed to source a stainless slide with a vertical height of 2.4m, just the job!

The garden has, in the right hand rear corner, a raised area which slopes and is dominated by 2 conifers. In most respects rendering the area pretty useless as ornamental garden but perfect for a woodland adventure zone.

Custom Treehouse Climbing Frame

The change of levels in the garden also helped make the slide fit in. An 8 foot high slide could look enormous if placed on flat ground. Luckily, the raised nature of the upper level meant that the slide and its launch tower didn’t look at all awkward. Stainless steel playground slides are usually found in commercial and public playgrounds, but in a garden they really have a strong purposeful presence.

Custom Treehouse Climbing Frame Custom Treehouse Climbing Frame

Custom Treehouse Climbing Frame

In order to create a real woodland adventure zone we kept the wood natural, mainly, and used ropes to enhance the adventure zone feeling. Although the the 2 rear decks are in fact only about 500mm and 800mm off the ground the use of different height decks, and multiple moving bridges really creates that treetops feeling, and of course, by the time you get to the top of slide you feel like you are on top of the world!

bespoke London custom climbing frame