Forest wooden climbing frames

At Design Create Play we make many different types of playhouses and climbing frames. Our wooden climbing frames are a combination of active and imaginative play.

The Forest range is one of the popular wooden climbing frame ranges that we make. Their design is classic and any model in the the Forest range is certain to be fun. Because of the quality of materials that we use, and the well thought out design our wooden climbing frames are guaranteed to last for years.

Forest Standard playhouse climbing frame

For smaller gardens the Forest Standard has lots to keep children busy and active. There’s a slide, as well as a fireman’s pole and climbing rock wall. We always include a set of steps on our playhouse climbing frames so that Mums and Dads can access the upper level easily. A double swing beam can be added as an optional extra.

Forest Mega Playhouse climbing frame

At Design Create Play we have a carefully thought out naming system. When you see the word Mega in a product name, such as the Forest Mega, this means there is a lower deck and lower den included with the playcentre. This feature is a great way to turn your wooden climbing frame into a 2 storey playhouse.

Forest Mega wooden climbing frame showing lower deck and den

Forest Combo Playhouse Climbing Frame

Some gardens have a bit more space, and it’s lovely to be able to spread out a bit if you can. When we add a bridge and tower to a wooden climbing frame we call it a Combo, so a Forest Combo has a wobbly chain link clatter bridge to separate playtower. As well as making space so that more children can play it also means there is more room for activities.

Forest combo playhouse climbing frame
Forest combo playhouse climbing frame

Forest Mega Combo Playhouse Climbing Frame

Sometimes it’s hard to choose. Fortunately we are not an either/or sort of organisation. With Design Create Play Limited you can have it all, and many people do. So if you like the idea of a lower den and the added wobbly clatter bridge to additional tower then we can do that. In the Forest range it’s called a Forest Mega Combo Playhouse Climbing Frame.

Forest mega combo playhouse climbing frame

Forest Mega Combo Turbo

The biggest and most fully featured unit in the Forest range is the Forest Mega Combo Turbo playhouse climbing frame. Just like the Forest Mega Combo this wooden climbing frame has a 2 storey playhouse as well as a wobbly clatter bridge and tower, the added twist is the spiral tube slide. This amazing slide has its entry point inside the playhouse.

Forest Mega Combo Playhouse Climbing Frame
Forest Mega Combo Playhouse Climbing Frame

What ever model you choose you can be sure that the Forest range offers all the benefits of a Design Create Play climbing frame.

If you’re thinking about a playcentre for your garden for 2020 now is a great time to get in touch. We have a huge range of different styles, and of course our ability to design custom wooden playcentres is second to none.

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